It focuses on power dynamic reactive power compensation and power quality comprehensive treatment device, flexible DC transmission converter valve and control and protection system, high voltage frequency conversion integrated system and other products, and is committed to the research and development, production, sales and service of new power electronic technology and solutions.

MY SVG Products Line
Mingyang Electric is the founding company and foundation industry of the Mingyang Group.
Product line :Switch Gear, Transformer, Power Electronics, Electrical Power services.
The earliest equipment has been in service for 20+ years.
Overseas achievement:Germany, Russia,Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Uganda .etc.
Industrial Leading Advantage
Functions of Harmonic Compensation and Resonance Inhibition

On-line Zero-Reactive power OperatingFunction
On-line Automatic Bypass Function (Optional)
Excellent Fault Ride Through Functions of High- voltage , Low-voltage ,High- frequency and Low-frequency
Excellent Three-phase Unbalanced Compensation Function
MYSVG Cloud Platform and On-line Health Examination
MYSVG Application Case
Solar Energy Plant
Wind Energy Plant
Air cooled SVG
Water cooled SVG
01 Solutions for High-altitude
02 Solutions for Offshore Wind Power
03Solutions in High-humidity Environment
04 City Substation Solutions
05 Solutions for Industrial and
Mining Enterprises
06 Solutions in Desert, Rain and Snow Enironment
Applicable to All-weather Environment
MYSVG is developed specific to the harsh environment, and it can still maintain stable operation in many types of harsh environments such as high humidity, high condensation, high sand and dusts, high salt spray, high altitude, etc.
Circuit board full-filling technology; Insulating material +PRTV high-voltage dirt-resistance flash coating; With the fully enclosed design of the control system, the protection level reaches IP65; The air-cooled type adopts frequency speed control to realize constant-temperature control; The outdoor container is of the triple filter duct design; The outdoor container is of the air duct backflow and air pre-heating design; The water cooling design for whole series products, the corrosion resistance level reached C5-M.
Product Quality Assurance
With fifteen years experience in the manufacturing of high-power power electronic products, we will carefully forge the integral solutions of electrical products for you!
Standardized& platform design philosophy make sure the deliver of SVG timely!Lead times:  Normal—45 days after the contract is signed   Urgent—30 days after the contract is signed!
Business Expansion

The Mingyang group has made the global arrangement for its business:It is headquartered in Zhongshan, with branches in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen,   Silicon Valley in the U.S., Hamburg and Germany, forming the R&D and the innovation platform and the whole business chain service system which features ‘one headquarter and five centers’.